Mapping the World

The project Mapping the World was created in 2015 as my bachelor thesis at the Department of Design of the FH-M√ľnster. In the context of a book I described the history of the world map, its cartographers and the most important discoverers and edited them in many self-designed maps. I introduced the book as follows:

“In modern times we depend on maps almost daily.
We encounter them everywhere and they help us to get an overview of our environment and surroundings. But maps are not only a signpost, they are
open up a new perspective and serve as a store of knowledge.

The book project Mapping the World gives a small insight into the history of the creation of the world map and explains the history of the world by means of historical maps, important cartographers and
Explore how our view of the Earth has changed over the centuries.”

The centuries and the corresponding discoveries form the red thread in the book. For each century, the land and water mass known (from the European point of view) is shown and substantiated by the most important discoveries. In addition, the most famous maps of the century have been selected and their outlines compared with the modern world map. Piece by piece the book thus approaches the world so familiar to us today.

Since I probably can’t spend that much time to revise the book again, I will give some excerpts and (I hope) exciting insights into the history of the world map.