How I constructed my Logo

Today I want to show how to construct a logo step by step. Please note that this is not about the conception. The concept is about the design of the logo, the process from “white” paper to a symbol or a word mark. Roughly summarized, the concept is about the what and why. Less about the how.
More about this I will perhaps describe in a separate article.
As tool for the construction I used Adobe Illustrator. In addition, Indesign was used for preparation and labelling.

Creating the grid.

In the first step I created a grid. A logo doesn’t necessarily have to be based on a grid, but in most cases it helps to work cleanly and in a straight line.

Creating the letters.

Based on the grid I created the two letters S and G.

Creating the outlines.
Creating the outlines.

In the next step I created outlines along the grid and removed the area. This makes the logo look less clumsy.

Creating the outlines.

In this step I extended the outlines a little bit, so that the letters stand out more.

Rotates the logo by 45 degrees.

Turning the symol by 45 degrees makes the logo look even lighter. It appears more delicate and balanced.

In the end I decided to round off the edges.
Final Logo.
The logo allows some variations with different outlines and colours.

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